Take control of your entire digital asset portfolio in a single platform with our institution grade solution that supports the entire transaction lifecycle.

Easily accessible via web/mobile/API.

Revolutionise the way you manage your crypto and DeFi assets

The institution grade platform includes a suite of services that seamlessly enables you to value, manage, optimize, monitor risk and trade directly from a single secure interface.
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Valuation and Performance
Understand the value of all your crypto, DeFi positions and off-chain assets in real-time.
Analytics and Research
Make informed financial decisions using portfolio analysis backed by data intelligence.
AI Risk Management
Actively manage risk across your entire portfolio using AI to respond to changes before they occur.
Trading and Execution
Execute crypto and DeFi trades across multiple venues from a single dashboard.
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Tightly integrated premium services to enhance your CANVAS Prime experience.

Why use CANVAS Prime?

We offer a complete solution that powers the entire DeFi trading lifecycle.
Full-service, streamlined, end-to-end DeFi platform
Securely trade directly from custody, eliminating counterparty risk
Customisable to suit the individual needs of your business or clients
Powerful insights to optimise your DeFi and Crypto portfolio for greater returns
Accurate real-time valuations
Easy integration through web, mobile and/or API

CANVAS Prime Partnership Opportunities

We work with fund managers, financial institutions and individual investors to seamlessly deliver the latest in crypto and DeFi portfolio management.

Fund Managers

Easy way to access, control, deploy and account for investor funds all from a single platform.

Financial Institutions

Extend your product offering by leveraging CANVAS Prime API for seamless functionality.

HNWI and Private Investors

Designed for astute investors to take control of their crypto and DeFi portfolio with a single full service, secure trading, analytics, valuation and more, that is normally only available to large institutions.

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