Valuation and Performance

Understand the value of all your crypto, DeFi positions, and off-chain assets in real-time from a single dashboard.
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Take control over your DeFi portfolio

Your entire crypto and DeFi portfolio in a unified command centre, with values and positions updated in real-time.

All your crypto positions in a single dashboard

Until now, knowing the value of your Crypto, DeFi, Web3 asset portfolio in real-time across multiple protocols has been difficult, slow, and potentially inaccurate. CANVAS Prime valuation and reporting module consolidates all your positions into a single command centre with real-time valuation. Knowing the value of your individual holdings or consolidated portfolio has never been easier.
Accurately value individual assets or consolidated portfolio in real-time
Easily access and download your transaction history
Track and chart your performance over time
Protocol agnostic -
Supports both on chain and off chain positions
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Eliminate spreadsheets and manual handling

1200+ DeFi Protocols
Real-time access to 60+ blockchains and parachains
Easy export features to share results with your team

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