Fireblocks Now Supports CANVAS Connect the privacy focused Layer 2, Enabling Confidential and Encrypted Transactions On Ethereum.
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Tightly integrated premium services to enhance your CANVAS Prime experience.
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Maximise your CANVAS Prime experience with access to additional services

Staking nodes
Secure Custody (Fireblocks)
Disaster Recovery - End to end encrypt and ultra-securely store private keys
Multiple fiat on and off ramp options
Compliance (Chainalysis)

Enhance the way you trade

The CANVAS Prime app store provides a full range of services to enhance the way you trade -  From earning more from your crypto through staking and yield aps to secure asset storage. The ap store is constantly being updated to provide the latest in additional services so you can quickly and easily get the most out of CANVAS Prime.
Earn through staking and yield
Securely store and manage your crypto and DeFi assets
Easily convert crypto to and from fiat currency
Trade with peace of mind with compliance add ons.
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Seamlessly integrated into CANVAS Prime
Bringing you the latest in crypto/DeFi trade and management technology in a single system
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