Fireblocks Now Supports CANVAS Connect the privacy focused Layer 2, Enabling Confidential and Encrypted Transactions On Ethereum.
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Analytics and Research

Make informed financial decisions using portfolio analysis backed by data intelligence and world leading research.
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Sophisticated portfolio analysis for enhanced financial decisions

Gain advanced insight into how your portfolio is tracking through generation of financial reports, graphs and metrics such as: P&L, Impermanent loss calculator, portfolio composition, Productive vs Non-productive Assets, Liquid vs Illiquid Positions.

Advanced insights for portfolio optimisation

With access to research from the worlds’ leading experts on DeFi and crypto accurately evaluate your holdings and optimise your portfolio.
Analyse risk and exposure
Interpret your performance drivers
Visualise your performance with flexible reporting and graphing options
Expert research and commentary
Written reports on topical crypto issues.
Specific industry research and insights from financial analysts around the world.
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We are the safe pair of hands you have been looking for

The security of your assets is our top priority and we know the success is in the detail. We agonise over every stitch of the CANVAS offering to bring you the best, most secure platform.

We provide access to the world of DeFi and Web3 without compromising on institution- required security or compliance as we know achieving our goal of making DeFi accessible to more people relies on a tireless commitment to data privacy and top tier security measures.
Vault-like Encryption
Your private keys are encrypted we are the safe paid of hands. We value our clients privacy, so we prioritise securely storing your date.
Institutional Grade Security
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure we offer institutional grade security for storage and handling of all assets.
Industry Best Practices
We are compliant and perpetually motivated to ensure we offer the safest and most ethical products and solutions to our clients.

Real-time analysis to stay ahead of a highly volatile market

Ditch underperforming assets
Individual holdings or total portfolio analysis
No more manual spreadsheets