Individuals and Institutions across the globe use CANVAS to securely access and invest in the Future of Finance


Blockchain, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) & Digital Assets are fast emerging as the next wave of technological evolution.

Where the internet digitised information, Blockchain is digitising finance.

CANVAS is at the forefront of this revolution, decoding & unlocking access for all investors

Just as the canvas sails of merchant ships have facilitated commerce for thousands of years, CANVAS is connecting people & opportunities across the globe.

About Canvas

Canvas is an investment platform enabling secure and easy investments into decentralised finance. We are the interface between investors and blockchain-based assets. Our goal is to make investing in this new technology accessible, understandable, and successful for everyone. Canvas has a team building the next generation of financial products that will become the fabric of the financial future.

Imagine a finance ecosystem without traditional financial intermediaries, this potential becomes reality in DeFi. This new blockchain technology offers global and comprehensive financial services that are cheaper, faster, and more accessible.

DeFi services are based upon autonomous software that utilises smart contracts, these initiate event based transactions between users in-real-time and around the world. These services have successfully replicated traditional financial services such as borrowing, lending, and exchanging assets, as well as more sophisticated services such as insurance, options, futures and self-balancing indexes. All of this is facilitated in a permissionless fashion without the involvement of any financial intermediaries.

Our mission is to make investing in Decentralised Finance & crypto assets accessible and trustworthy. We do this by offering an easy-to-use interface, low fees, and secure storage of funds. Our point of difference to traditional exchanges is that we enable you earn interest on your holdings



Canvas enables easy & secure exposure to a range of Decentralised Finance investments to suit various investor types, investment vehicles & risk profiles.

Canvas is an onramp to streamline deposit of traditional currencies into the world of Decentralised Finance

An investment platform that allows for the digitization of traditional and illiquid assets using blockchain technology.


In a world of complicated information, having access to transparent reports and analytics is crucial

CANVAS will track, manage and report all your Digital Asset investments in one place


We are a highly experienced team of FinTech Entrepreneurs and Investors.

We have deep domain knowledge and passion for technology, finance & blockchain.

David Lavecky

CEO & Co-Founder

David is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur and investor.

David is currently serving as CEO and Co-founder of Canvas, a fintech company that is transforming investment opportunities by offering clients a gateway to the world of Decentralised FInance (DeFi) on the blockchain. Canvas bring three key innovations being, the issuance of tokenised DeFi investment products, a gateway to deposit traditional currencies, and platform for exchange into these new DeFi Digital Assets.

David is also Managing Partner of Double Bay Capital. The investment company of the Lavecky Family Office.

Prior to Double Bay Capital, David was COO & EVP of Pure Commerce which was one of Australia’s first high growth fintech companies. David was directly responsible for expanding the company’s operational performance and attaining its financial targets.

David managed a global portfolio of staff across multiple divisions including Sales,Technology, Operations and Compliance. Together with his team, David delivered highly successful launches with major banks and key merchants across the globe.

Following the sale of Pure Commerce to Euronet, David was retained to continue the global growth.

After overseeing the successful integration of Pure Commerce into Euronet, David moved on to explore new technology ventures. David has analysed and made investments in multiple technology companies at various stages and provides mentoring & support to portfolio companies and the start-up community.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Technology (UTS) Sydney, Australia

Daniel Lavecky

Chairman & Co-Founder

Daniel is a committed entrepreneur and successful business executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He brings innovative thinking and strong leadership skills to the boardroom, having founded one of Australia’s first high-growth fintech companies.

He has significant experience in technology, finance and entrepreneurial global growth. Daniel is also Managing Partner of Double Bay Capital which invests in early stage start-ups that are disrupting traditional industries through innovation, disruptive technologies or new market approaches.

Daniel is a visionary and businessman. He was the CEO of Pure Commerce from its inception in 1996 to its sale to Euronet Worldwide in 2013.

In his tenure at Pure Commerce, Daniel led the company through an explosive growth period that saw it go from managing millions to billions per annum with some of the world’s largest financial institutions as customers. Investors in Pure Commerce enjoyed over a 10X return.

He was retained by Euronet as the CEO of Pure Commerce to continue the company’s global growth. Daniel has spent his entire career building and scaling companies, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role that will help drive success for all stakeholders.

Tim Moddel

EVP & Head of DeFi

Tim is a management consultant and executive who has been working in the technology industry for 17 years. His experience includes work with global companies like IBM, Deloitte & DXC Technology. He’s facilitated major Digital Transformation projects in Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Customer Relationship Management.

In 2016 Tim became interested in Blockchain technology and began exploring blockchain start-ups and technologies as an investor. He sees huge potential for this new technology to reshape existing markets and to democratise access to financial services.

In 2021 he joined Canvas as Head of DeFi Strategy where he is leading the exploration into the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) to enable our clients to seize the innovative and lucrative investment opportunities which are present within this nascent industry.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia


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CANVAS is a financial platform that will change the way the world invests.


CANVAS is a financial platform that will change the way the world invests.