Individuals and Institutions across the globe use CANVAS to securely access and invest in the Future of Finance

The fabric of the Financial Future

Blockchain, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) & Digital Assets are fast emerging as the next wave of technological evolution.
Where the internet digitised information, Blockchain is digitising finance.
CANVAS is at the forefront of this revolution, decoding & unlocking access for all investors
Just as the canvas sails of merchant ships have facilitated commerce for thousands of years, CANVAS is connecting people & opportunities across the globe.

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We are a highly experienced team of FinTech Entrepreneurs and Investors.
We have deep domain knowledge and passion for technology, finance & blockchain.
CEO & Co-Founder
David Lavecky
CEO & Co-Founder
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Chairman & Co-Founder
Daniel Lavecky
Chairman & Co-Founder
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EVP & Head of DeFi
Tim Moddel
EVP & Head of DeFi
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