Fireblocks Now Supports CANVAS Connect the privacy focused Layer 2, Enabling Confidential and Encrypted Transactions On Ethereum.
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Reimagining the future of finance
CANVAS applications empower financial institutions and governments to easily expand their reach into the digital economy. Our applications provide private, high speed, low cost, blockchain based solutions for the transfer of value, payment related information, and other core banking functions.

Applications can be built on the CANVAS Connect platform to facilitate a range of use cases throughout the business lifecycle.
Canvas Markets Applications
Optimise liquidity management and create new liquidity markets

Canvas Markets applications enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and extend opportunities for liquidity.  

Use cases include:
Canvas Lend
Open term lending market
Canvas Repo
Secured fixed term loans
Tokenised Foreign Exchange
Canvas Lend - Open Term Lending Market
Canvas Lend is an application that enables market participants to deposit tokenised collateral and borrow against it in an open term. Canvas lend provides significant transaction cost savings and increased transaction transparency.

Participants can select either fixed or variable rates depending on their preference and circumstances. All lending transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger that is accessible to all parties involved in the transaction. This not only ensures transparency but also reduces the risk of errors and reconciliation in the lending process.
Canvas Repo - Secured Fixed Term Loans
Canvas Repo is an application that enables financial institutions the ability to swap tokenized collateral for cash. Borrowers and Lenders access new liquidity pools with flexible term, less risk, and 24/7/365 operating hours. Canvas repos significantly improves the liquidity management process for banks and reduces operational risks. 

Utilising blockchain technology, Canvas Repo transforms the repo process by enabling instant trade and settlement with reduced costs. Our repo platform can facilitate loan durations of days or even minutes, which is not possible in current systems. Participants can select the term, amount to borrow, collateral pledged, deposit amount, currency paid out.
CFX - Tokenised Foreign Exchange Trading
Low cost, reduced risk, 24/7/365 FX trading

CFX enables frictionless, 24/7/365 trading of CBDCs and Digital Currencies in FX trading & International Remittances. CFX dramatically increases speed, reduces risks and lowers costs over traditional Traditional Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading & Remittance networks.

All trades on the CFX platform are settled atomically, reducing counterparty risk and improving reconciliation. This ensures that financial institutions can execute trades with complete confidence and reduces the risk of cancelled trades.
Prime - Portfolio Management of Digital Assets
Prime is a portfolio management system that gives financial institutions and their clients a web based consolidated reporting system for digital assets to manage their entire portfolio. 

Prime has four native modules:
Valuation and Performance
Analytics and Research
Trading and Execution
Eco-system partners via our Appstore
Sicuro - Confidential Information Transfer
Secure, confidential information transfer for financial transactions over a public blockchain.

Sicuro is a secure and private communication system that utilises Canvas Connect (our privacy Layer 2) to enable confidential information transfer between parties during financial transactions. This system enables secure communication between parties over a public blockchain while ensuring that the transaction details remain private and confidential. Information packets are secured with ethereum, while the confidentiality of the messaging protects sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised parties.
Canvas Pay - Payments and liquidity
Transforming payments for a digital world

CANVAS Pay is a real-time payments infrastructure that enables multi-bank, multi-currency instant transfer between financial institutions. Canvas simplifies cross-border payments with instant, end-to-end solution for financial institutions to transfer CBDCs, tokenised bank deposit and stable coins.

Transaction information is kept private and confidential through Canvas Connect Layer 2, which means that immutable transaction data is written to the blockchain but isn’t visible to the general public.
Blockchain Services
Your Vision, Our Solution

Our blockchain solutions team has extensive knowledge and experience in development and implementation of blockchain based projects. Our industry leading team is capable of delivering complex block-chain based solutions to enhance and simplify business operations. 

Some examples of project we can assist your organisation with include:
Tokenisation of assets
Blockchain advisory
Blockchain implementation
Smart contract development