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Secure DeFi Investments - Gasless

CANVAS Connect lets you invest in all your favourite DeFi destinations without the gas fees. That means you can invest as much or as little as you want.

What’s more, CANVAS Connect has set pricing and a no-surge pricing promise so you can rest assured that the amount you pay for a transaction isn’t being sold off to a higher bidder.

Another core feature of the CANVAS Connect Invest is that there is absolutely no gas token. Unlike other L2 platforms, you can spend the entire balance of your wallet. There will be no surprise token fees that render your account with “insufficient funds” to complete the transaction.

Key benefits of CANVAS Connect Invest

Which means up to 99% lower transaction costs.
Invest as much or as little as you want
No gas fees or gas tokens means you don’t have worry about fees.
No surge pricing
We don’t take advantage of investors when there is high demand.
No Gas Token
You can trade the entire balance of your wallet without any nasty surprises.
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We create L2 flights to major DeFi destinations.
The current method of L1 trading is just like flying on a private jet to your favourite destination. You alone are responsible for paying for fuel, staff, maintenance and all the other fees associated with flying. Plus, at times of high demand, like at holiday time, ticket prices go through the roof. That’s why most of us travel on a commercial airline, where costs are shared by all.

CANVAS Connect applies this same principle and creates L2 flights that are shared by several passengers to take you to any DeFi destination on Ethereum. This means that you and anyone else on the DeFi flight pay no gas fees when you Invest.

Built from the ground up for DeFi

Quick and simple integration through our APIs and SDKs
Access all major DeFi destinations at a fraction of the cost
Access otherwise impossible markets
Transactions secured by Ethereum

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