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Institutional Clients

Our platform provides an end-to-end solution for managing the entire lifecycle of your DeFI portfolio; from institutional-grade custody, easy trade executions, real-time reporting and portfolio analytics. Use CANVAS as a safe and compliant turnkey solution to offer DeFi to your clients wherever they are.
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How does CANVAS make investing in DeFI easy?

The Problem
Investing in crypto assets is a new and exciting space with the potential for significant financial gain. However, despite all the hype, investing in DeFi has been difficult and can be high risk. On top of this the technology behind it can be confusing, hard to understand and costly to operate. To meet the needs of this DeFi innovation, we understand institutions require safe, secure and streamlined investment opportunities.
The Solution
CANVAS Invest connects investors to a regulated, institutional-grade platform that makes investing in the Web3 economy safe and easy.

We offer lending, trading and other financial services in a central system that securely stores digital assets, receives income and provides consolidated reporting and risk and return profiles that can be individually tailored to meet portfolio preferences.
Safe & Easy
Secure Custody
Transaction Compliance
Real-time Reporting
Institutional-grade Security
Tailored Products
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The Benefits of partnering with CANVAS for turnkey access to DeFi

We use our expert knowledge and resources to simplify the complicated world of DeFI for you.
Pre-trade compliance
We ensure we are following industry best practices in everything that we offer.
Best execution
Our relentless focus on making sure our gateway is simple and easy to use means you can count on seamless integrations and trade executions.
Technical Integration
We set you up for success from the beginning. Simply and easily.
Real-time Reporting
Our real-time dashboard beautifully visualised the performance of your wallet online and via our app.
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure the secure institution-compliant storage and handling of all assets held within our DeFi gateway.

We are the safe pair of hands you have been looking for

The security of your assets is our top priority and we know the success is in the detail. We agonise over every stitch of the CANVAS offering to bring you the best, most secure platform.

We provide access to the world of DeFi and Web3 without compromising on institution- required security or compliance as we know achieving our goal of making DeFi accessible to more people relies on a tireless commitment to data privacy and top tier security measures.
Vault-like Encryption
Your private keys are encrypted we are the safe paid of hands. We value our clients privacy, so we prioritise securely storing your date.
Institutional Grade Security
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure we offer institutional grade security for storage and handling of all assets.
Industry Best Practices
We are compliant and perpetually motivated to ensure we offer the safest and most ethical products and solutions to our clients.

Trade & Exchange with CANVAS

We provide a focussed and simple solution that allows you to access a powerful DeFi wallet without the headache that normally comes with it. Trade and exchange your assets in a live market. It’s as easy as;
1. Complete your electronic onboarding
2. Deposit your funds or transfer Digital Assets
3. EARN, trade and rebalance your portfolio
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