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We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure the secure storage and handling of all assets held within our DeFi gateway. We guarantee you can safely and securely hold, move and protect your digital assets.
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What is custody?
This refers to the client's ability to hold, move and protect their assets within their digital asset portfolio. The technology required to design custody solutions for digital only assets is complicated and requires a specific set of unique considerations for storage and security.
Why is institutional-grade security important?
To be classified as institutionalgrade our platforms must combinesecure vaulting, cryptographichardware and high levels ofgovernance to provide multiplelayers of security that ensures thesafeguard of your assets. Withoutthis level of custody solution thesecurity of the platform and clients'assets is at risk. With CANVAS youcan confidently store and manageyour portfolio of assets using themost secure and easy to useplatform on the market.
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Why should you invest with CANVAS?

Custody plays a fundamental role for anyone seeking to access crypto and DeFi. At CANVAS we work tirelessly to make sure your assets are safe and secure. What do we focus on?
Insurance policies for all assets on the Gateway
Multi-zone physical security, including bank-grade vaults
Multi-signature wallet policies and mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA)
Whitelisting and security procedures for all movements of assets
Regular penetration tests and security audits
Encrypted, segmented and offline storage of private key material


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