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Large corporations are flocking to the opportunity to earn higher yields, maintain liquidity, gain real-time visibility of assets and diversify balance sheets. We support corporate treasury through our institutional-grade, flexible digital asset platform.
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Higher Yields
Dollar stablecoins can facilitate corporate treasury management processes by providing a more streamlined and cost-efficient means to process payments, manage cash, manage liquidity, gain cash visibility, and gain exposure to the higher yield opportunities offered by DeFI.
Trusted Counterparties
We understand that not all stablecoins and yield earning products are made equal, as there are considerable differences in counterparty and reserve-backing risks. We fundamentally believe that ‘return of equity’ is paramount and don’t wish to sacrifice on this belief in the pursuit of unsustainably high yields, as seen within other products in the market.
Custodied Collateral
We work with institutional lending counterparties that don’t just offer an IOU contract in return for the loan. We receive full custody into our wallet of the Digital Assets (i.e. Bitcoin) that is securing the loan. This helps avoid a situation where they become the unsecured creditor in the event of a lender default.
We offer secure investment opportunities that keep your funds liquid and provide you a flexible and fast way to manage cash flows and risks.
Best Execution
Our relentless focus on making sure our gateway is simple and easy to use means you can count on seamless integrations and trade executions that streamline your cash management process.
We have used our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes to ensure the secure institutional-grade storage and handling of all assets held within our DeFi gateway.
Real-time Reporting
Having real-time data that makes it easy for you to view and manage your funds is a non-negotiable for us. We’ve even made it simply beautiful to look at.

Growth of the stablecoin market

What makes stable coins so appealing?

The fact that stablecoins are price-stable and backed by a real fiat currency, for example the USDC (which is backed by the US dollar). makes them appealing to most organisations as it provides an additional level of safety that most digital assets lack. They are also an open, borderless currency, making them the future of internet-based payments, corporate finance and working capital management.
24 month growth of Stablelcoin
Volume of Stablecoin transactions in DeFi
USD $51B
Total Value Locked in DeFi Borrowing & Lending


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