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Individuals and Institutions across the globe use CANVAS Digital to securely access and invest in DeFi and Web3

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The CANVAS DeFi Platform

The Web3 economy of Blockchain, Digital Assets, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and NFTs will be the drivers of a paradigm shift in tech and will radically transform financial and capital markets. Where the internet digitised information, Web3 will revolutionise the way we interact, trade and share digital assets. 

CANVAS exists to be a gateway to this new world, providing participants with a regulated, institutional-grade platform to safely and securely trade in the Web3 economy. 
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On Ramp to DeFi
A licensed cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to store your assets safely in a unique wallet.
Earn with DeFi
Unlock a whole range of ways to grow your portfolio and EARN interest and rewards.
Stake your digital assets to EARN rewards, whilst still maintaining long term exposure to the underlying investment.
Custody & Insurance
Our deep domain knowledge and security-first processes ensure the secure storage and handling of all of your assets.
Our real-time dashboard that gives you the opportunity to manage your entire web3 portfolio with the confidence of simplicity.


We provide a regulated, institutional-grade platform to safely and securely trade in the Web3 economy.
Access to DeFi
A licensed cryptocurrency exchange that allows our clients to store their assets safely in a unique wallet and then manage their wealth in one place.
Regulated DeFi
We bridge the gap between centralised and decentralised finance, offering the security of regulation with the efficiency and freedom of DeFi.
Corporate Treasury
Large corporations are flocking to the opportunity to earn higher yields, maintain liquidity, gain real-time visibility of assets and diversify balance sheets.

Complete Digital Asset Management

We have some of the most versatile DeFi investment products and solutions for automating customisable strategies and managing multiple portfolios.
We offer convenient, easy and reliable access to the growing world of DeFi and the Web3 economy - with the backing of institutional-grade security. 

Who Is Using CANVAS?


Combine the flexibility, speed and freedom of digital assets with the stability and security of a regulated platform.
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Private / HNWI

We make accessing DeFi assets simple, easy to understand and accessible with elevated concierge-level service.
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We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes to maximise balance sheets with non-traditional assets, giving you greater flexibility and access to liquidity on demand.
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Easily and seamlessly gain access to the world of DeFi and the Web3 economy through our institutional-grade gateway.
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About DeFi

Imagine a finance ecosystem without traditional financial intermediaries, this potential becomes reality in DeFi. This new blockchain technology offers global and comprehensive financial services that are cheaper, faster, and more accessible.
DeFi services are based upon autonomous software that utilises smart contracts, these initiate event based transactions between users in-real-time and around the world. These services have successfully replicated traditional financial services such as borrowing, lending, and exchanging assets, as well as more sophisticated services such as insurance, options, futures and self-balancing indexes. All of this is facilitated in a permissionless fashion without the involvement of any financial intermediaries.
215 billion TVL across all chains.
4.5 million wallets interacted with DeFi.
Ethereum settled over $11.6 trillion in transaction volumes, surpassing Visa.


Expert Knowledge
We help you understand the complicated digital asset and DeFi landscape.
Safe & Secure
We help you to securely and easily invest in the Web3 economy.
We curate strategies to drive your learning and investment style.